Source premium beef from sustainable pastures

Dedication to Safety
Fully Traceable Products

20 years experience producing
Fresh & Delicious
Ready to Eat Salads

Our divisions


BGH Processing provides high quality freshly cut vegetables and fruits to customers.


BGH Logistics manages one of the largest Eastern Chinese chilled supply chains.

Products Solutions

BGH Trading provides product solutions for food service customers.


Through our 20 years of experience, we have won the trust of all stakeholders by acting with responsibility, integrity and courage and putting our customers first. No compromises.


Our team of 890 employees actively communicate with all stakeholders to listen, share, and cooperate on all issues to ensure our products are received fresh, delicious and beyond expectations.


Continually study, improve and develop our products and people by providing a safe, sustainable and open working environment that prioritizes open communication and elicits ongoing customer feedback.


Our team believes in our message of creating a greener, healthier lifestyle for everyone, and each day we move closer towards our goal. We believe in harmony, pleasure, health and happiness.

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SAPIV- Shanghai Key Enterprises Of The Agricultural Industry

BGH commences operations in Shenzhen

BGH Group recently opened our newest facility in Dapeng, Shenzhen.

Introducing Kale and Spinach

BGH proudly introduces our Fresh Kale and Spinach products for 2016.

At present, the company has 890 employees.  We boast more than 20 years of professional, global experience in high-efficiency operations in both the Asia-Pacific and North American markets.